Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
Paidong Industrial Zone Qiligang,Yueqing City,Zhejiang province,China.
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      About Us

      30 years of production experience and service

      TONGOU was established in 1993 by a team of engineers with strong experience in the electric protection area. TONGOU has now been projecting and manufacturing circuit protection devices like Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker(ELCB), Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Residual Current Circuit Breaker(RCCB), Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over-current Protection(RCBO), Switch-Disconnector, Distribution Box, Moulded case circuit breaker(MCCB), air circuit breaker(ACB), Smart circuit breaker, solar energy power system and new energy vehicle charging system.

      • More than 5,000 square meters of factory area
      • Fast production delivery capability
      • Professional technical information and customized services
      • Provide OEM processing, ODM research and development services
      • Professional technology and sales team to solve customer problems – just ask!
      Johnson Lim
      PV Solar Power & EV Charging
      Electric vehicle charging system protection solutions, including Type A, Type B RCD, Type A, Type B RCBO series. Solar photovoltaic DC series protection solutions, including DC Circuit Breaker, DC Surge Protector, DC Fuse Holder, DC Molded Case Circuit Breaker.
      Smart Breaker
      With the development of science and technology, the use of electricity in the future will be more intelligent and data-based. We provide the latest research and development of smart breakers, including smart circuit breaker, smart meter, smart over and under voltage protector, smart rail relay, suitable for communication Protocols such as WiFi, Sigmesh, Lora, ZigBee, RS485, RJ45 and other mainstream protocols.
      Industrial Control
      We focus on traditional industrial control system products for over 30 years, such as Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB), Air circuit breaker (ACB), Contactor, Thermal relay, Motor protector. We provide market proven and stable industrial products for many years, to make the end customers do not have after-sales issues, to reduce unnecessary waste and make the business easier.
      Distribution Apparatus
      We provide Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB/RCD/ELCB), Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current Protection (RCBOs), Disconnector for traditional power distribution system protection. A complete series of products bring safer electricity protection for household, commercial and industrial use, exquisite appearance and high quality can make users feel value for paying, we always insist to bring continuous, premium experience.
      Application scenarios of our products

      We have very rich experience for various scenarios

      Power Distribution

      Power distribution and circuit protection in home, commercial and industry. Over 30 years rich experience from thousands of electricians use, we improve product details and performance always.

      Smart Switch

      Unattended monitoring shop, Advertising system control, Remote control equipment and monitoring of electricity consumption, Rental housing cost control system, Remote unmanned irrigation in agriculture.

      EV Charging

      We provide charging pile systems for many well-known electric vehicle companies around the world, circuit protection equipment and charging piles for private household electric vehicle companies

      Solar Photovoltaic

      Our solar system power distribution protection system is well recognized by customers in Australia, Africa, Vietnam, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand, India.

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      We are very happy to provide our samples to customers for testing and debugging. Please send a message to us now

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      What Our Clients Say
      Professional, Reliable & Cost Effective
      Recomiendo los productos de Tongou, ya los he probado y seguiré pidiendolos. El trato comercial de primera, me han resuelto la incidencía muy rápido y sin problemas. Gracias, seguiré pidiendo más productos. - Jose Vico
      What Our Clients Say
      Professional, Reliable & Cost Effective
      УЗО дошло за три недели, что очень хорошо по срокам доставки из Китая. Работает хорошо, кнопка "тест" срабатывает, тест с батарейкой на утечку тока проходит нормально. Годный дифференциальный выключатель. Как долго прослужит покажет время. Продавцу спасибо! - Leonnov
      What Our Clients Say
      Professional, Reliable & Cost Effective
      Très bien ,colis bien fait et reçue assez vite. La qualité a l'air bonne impeccable . Excellent service après vente. Le vendeur a été très réactive à résoudre mon problème. Merci. - Francois Risi
      What Our Clients Say
      Professional, Reliable & Cost Effective
      وصول المنتج جيد جدا - Tft Benali
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      OEM Service
      • Customized Logo printing or laser for authorized trademarks
      • Customized authorized trademark packaging (outer box, inner box)
      • Customizable catalogue of authorized trademarks
      • Available for small quantity order
      • Your overseas super factory

      ODM Service
      • Product mold design and development (Refundable)
      • Product function design and development (Refundable)
      • Product International test reports & Certificates (Refundable)
      • 24-hours response
      • Your overseas super factory

      Factory Service
      • 60+ workers, Fast delivery
      • Automated production lines
      • Certified ISO 90001 system
      • Acquired CB, CE, TUV, BV, SAA, CCC, FCC product certificates
      • 15+ sales and customer service staff, Fast responsiveness
      • Extra long warranty, 5 years warranty

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      in Electrical Cooperation

      To be our partner, you will have a super factory in China directly, which you will have that product design, research and development, product production. In addition, our young sale team will provide the commercial service support, product display system, outside shooting, video production , network promotion services.

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