What are copper busbars?

TONGOU provides high-quality copper busbars. A copper busbar is a common path connected by several devices in the form of parallel branches. In a computer system, it refers to a shared high-speed path connected by multiple computers in parallel. It can transmit data arbitrarily between these computers, but only one device can send data at the same time.

Copper busbar is the main variety of copper processing materials. The copper busbar has high mechanical properties, good conductivity, thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, electroplating, brazing, beautiful metallic luster, and good formability. Therefore, all kinds of power transmission and transformation, electrical equipment, and so on made with it have been widely used in the field of electric power. In recent years, with the sustained and high-speed development of the national economy, the output and consumption of copper busbar in China have also increased greatly. At the same time, the quality requirements of the copper bus are also improving.

TONGOU always adheres to the principle of “quality first”, adheres to management informatization, and production automation continuously improves production process quality and production management level.